Our Community

Nestled in the Myers Park neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, Myers Park United Methodist Church is more than just a place to worship. We’re a diverse community that welcomes people from all over Charlotte and beyond, including many who join us virtually from different parts of the country and the world. Our focus is simple yet profound: to grow in our love for God, create community with each other, and find meaningful ways to serve our neighbors and the world. There is a place for you here. When we worship, connect, and make a positive impact together, we all get a better glimpse of God’s love. If you’re new and would like to know more, feel free to contact Dr. Uiyeon Kim.

Our Staff

Our dedicated team is here for you. From pastoral leadership to administrative support, each member of our staff plays a vital role in fostering a welcoming and spiritually enriching environment. Get to know the faces and stories behind the day-to-day operations of our church, and discover how their unique talents contribute to our collective mission.

Our Core Values

At the heart of our community lies a set of core beliefs that guide and inspire us. These foundational principles shape not only our spiritual journey but also how we interact with the world around us. Grounded in faith, open to questions, and inclusive in nature, these beliefs serve as the compass by which we strive to live meaningful, compassionate lives.


God is the creator, the genius behind everything, the giver of life, and one who always loves us and invites us into love with God and others.


Jesus is the tangible manifestation of the heart and mind of God. God didn’t remain aloof in heaven as invisible or ineffable. God became one of us, one with us, so we might love God. Jesus taught to open our eyes to God’s vision, touched the untouchables, and was God’s compassion in the flesh. He died so we would know the depth of that love, and understand God’s intention to redeem our mortality from the inside out.


The Bible is “inspired” as the book God uses for us to understand broken humanity and hope in God. We are not fundamentalists. We welcome science, history and human experience as we wrestle with what God is about in the world. So the Bible isn’t a weapon of judgment, but a story that gives life.


We all are wonderful, broken, beautiful, fearful people who are the beneficiaries of God’s mercy. And so we have good cause to be merciful to others. God welcomes us into a life of welcoming others, all who are broken and yet dream of goodness and joy.


Reconciliation and justice matter to us. We will never rest until all God’s children, regardless of race, background, economic status, sexual orientation, or nationality are blessed with the goodness God has given us all. We are advocates, resisting evil and oppression wherever they manifest themselves.


The Church is an institution. We are part of The United Methodist Church, great and so very fallible, like all churches; we treasure our connections across the globe. We organize to benefit from one another’s company in the journey of faith, and to do more of God’s work together in the world than anyone could do alone.


Other denominations and faiths bring us profound and lovely connections. God isn’t stingy. God is more eager to be known and loved than we are to make sense of our lives.


Hope is here. For us, this isn’t just a slogan, but our mission, our identity. With God, there is hope. Ours is to live into that hope, for ourselves, in our neighborhoods and city, and for the world.

 A United Methodist Church

We love being a United Methodist Church, with its long tradition of connection with others in ministry, our zeal to be a safe haven for all people, vital worship and learning, and our commitment to take the compassion and healing power of Christ into the real world.

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