I try to imagine how giddy and proud those original members of Myers Park Methodist Church felt on that day in 1929 when they first walked into our sanctuary, found their pews, and gave thanks to God. Such joy—and they could never have anticipated how meaningful their commitment would be to us nearly a century later. How on earth did they pay for it all in 1929?

Every time I walk into our new Center of Hope, I am a bit overcome with emotion and delight—and I do try to think about those who will enter it decades from now, and all God will do within its walls because of what we’ve done. And when I ponder the new homes at The Meadows at Plato Price rising up out of the ground and our other affordable housing projects, I have visions of children with vastly altered futures because we heard God’s call.

A huge thank you! to you who have pledged and given to our Hope is Here campaign. We are just shy of the $45 million mark—simply unheard of in church circles! Maybe even better is that you’ve already given $34 million, just halfway through the five-year campaign! Your early fulfillments have saved us tens of thousands of dollars. Fabulous.

As always, our goal is to finish well. We built boldly, not taking away a floor or leaving portions of the building unfinished. We knew we’d need a smaller campaign to complete everything—which wound up at $49 million. So we need $4 million to ensure that (a) we don’t burden our operating budget with debt, and that (b) we don’t make those future generations pay for it!

If you didn’t join in our campaign, there’s still time—and the need! If you did, pray, and poke around, and see if you can help with our ambitious goal to finish well. Find your place on the gift chart (enclosed) and then fill out your card and get it back to us. Please know how magnificently we have risen together to God’s call to build for our church’s future, and to make such a difference in our city and in the world.

What a privilege and deep pleasure it is for me to be

Your pastor,