Good Questions: Almost ready….

Reflections from Dr. Howell

In 4 days, I will begin sending an email every Monday and Thursday as we explore Good Questions / No Easy Answers. We’ll start with the most basic question of them all: Is There a God? People wonder. Some have never bothered wondering. And some have never doubted it for a second. Raising the question, and getting inside why we might, or might not believe there’s a God opens up a lot of issues that might just help all of us to grow and become a bit wiser.

Next we’ll ask What does it really mean to believe? Do I believe? Do I believe enough – or rightly? Lots of people don’t believe, and probably won’t. Could their viewpoint help those who do believe? Surely it’s might be more than simply Yes, I think there is a God somewhere.

These conversations will lead us into a huge question: What is God like? There are so many notions and images of what God must be like! Are some truer, or more helpful? Are others bogus, or even harmful? – and if so, how could we tell the difference?

None of this is a “Bible study.” But we will need to ask about the Bible. Why is it so long, so complex, so challenging to understand? Why wouldn’t God just simplify into a dozen bullet points? What about all the crazy stuff in the Bible?

In a way, this series builds upon itself; but then in another way, you or a friend could pick up any single episode and make good sense of it. We’ll follow with Why do bad things happen to good people? or to bad people for that matter? Why don’t we ask Why do good things happen to people? And then to What’s special about Christianity? What about other religions? – and much more as we proceed.

So: starting Monday, 2 emails per week. I’ll also release a short (15 minutes at the most) video each week with related content, but different, with music, images from art or our world, and an occasional brief chat with someone interesting. And there’s a podcast each week, a conversation I’ll have with someone fascinating on related topics – like David Wilkinson, the British astrophysicist who’s an ordained Methodist!

Join us! – and share with others. Here is the basic sign-up page to receive biweekly emails and reminders about videos and podcasts. I hope you can tell I’m excited! – and I hope you are as well.