Good Questions: No Easy Answers

Reflections from Dr. Howell

So I am taking a short vacation from sending you emails – or maybe you’ll be taking a short vacation from reading my emails! I will be back in 2 weeks to begin our new series, Good Questions / No Easy Answers. I’ve been thinking, reading, conversing, planning, writing, and praying the past few weeks toward this. I hope what I send will be a blessing to you.

And hopefully to others! I know email subscribers (which might be the wrong word, since it always has been and always will be free!) who forward to family, friends, a class they are in, whatever. Do so! Folks out there can subscribe themselves to get you out of the middle, and to give them direct access to me – since anyone can click “reply” and send me a question or thought. Use the link below to subscribe.

I’ll also be putting out a short video each week, with images, some music, a video clip or two, and occasionally a short chat with someone who’s fascinating on the topic. And my weekly podcast, “Make I’m Amazed,” will be geared to this topic as well. The emails, videos and podcasts will not be identical! But siblings or at least cousins. Enjoy whatever works, or as many as work for you. Sign up and learn more here – and share with others!

I would covet your prayers in this – that I will be a keen listener with an open heart and an active mind, that I’ll keep things fresh, and hopefully wise. I have a deep sense God has asked me to be a pastor who teaches – so I am humbly hopeful I will fulfill that calling.

Have a blessed balance of your summer, and you’ll hear from me again after August 21!