My Christmas Message

Reflections from Dr. Howell

When I sit down to type out these emails, I try to picture different faces of folks I think / hope are reading. I rifle through so many stories I’ve heard people tell me about their lives, their dreams, their wounds, their loves. I hold in mind the things I have learned (and am still learning!) about God – and then something unfolds.

Thank you for reading. More importantly, thank you for being. Just being who you are. And connected to me, no less. I am humbled, honored, and so very privilege to get to reach out to you in this virtual way. I don’t think it’s impersonal at all. It’s very personal, since I’m personally in the words, just as you are in the reading – and God is in it all with us.

That’s Christmas – that God is in this all with all of us. Sure, we go over the top on purchasing and decorating and eating and singing and wearing goofy sweaters. You can see mine right in this email! It’s like being a kid again – or the end to pretending you have to be all grown up most of the time.

I’d so love it if I could figure out how to spend a long leisurely lunch or dinner with each of you, so I could see your moods, your struggles, your pleasures, and hear your story. Stories actually. It’s always a bunch. Christmas is a story, the best of all the stories. And then we come to have our own Christmas stories hitched to that best of all the stories. What a pleasure.

So thank you for being a part of this curious congregation of folks tied to me and to one another – and to God in this email home. I hope and pray that you – yes, you! – have a holy and blessed Christmas!